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WPW10715708 Whirlpool Ice Maker Kit ECKMF94

Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit
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Price: $99.95
Part ID: WPW10715708



Includes 8-Cube with Flat Style Plug, Wire Shut-Off Arm, Water Inlet Valve, Ice Bucket, Installation Hardware & Instructions.


WPW10715708 Whirlpool Replacement Ice Maker Kit ECKMF94
Used For Whirlpool Built Refrigerators with the Flat Plug Ice Maker Only Feature.
Kit Includes 8-Cube 4317943 Modular Ice Maker with Flat Style Plug, Flat Style Wire Shut-Off Arm, 4318047 Water Inlet Valve, WP2166261 Ice Bucket, Installation Hardware & Instructions.
Replaces Part Numbers: 1129313, 1105298, 1114185, 1118554, 1118746, 1129312, 2155469, 2155469A, 8060, 8050, 8050-1, 8050-2, 940556, 941555, 984827, 987613, W10315447, ECK-MF11, ECK-MF2, ECK-MF3, ECK-MF4, ECK-MF5, ECK-MF51, ECK-MF6, ECK-MF61, ECK-MF63, ECK-MF64, ECKMF-64, ECKMF11, ECKMF2, ECKMF3, ECKMF4, ECKMF5, ECKMF51, ECKMF6, ECKMF61, ECKMF63, ECKMF64, ECKMF94, KIMF8, AP3089928, PS317558, W10715708, IMKIT94, KIMS9, W10715708, AP6023924, 3452006, PS11757272, AH11757272, EAP11757272, 2171811, 2155468.
The WPW10715708 - ECKMF94 Ice Maker Kit Is Found For The Following Models.