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Discount Whirlpool 2198597 Ice Makers

2198597 Universal Brand Ice Maker

New - Better Lasting - Better Design Mechanical Icemaker than the Whirlpool style modular ice makers.
This Universal Brand 2198597 Ice Maker Assembly is an approved replacement ice maker for your refrigerator.
Comes with a One Year Warranty!
This New Upper Front Mount Ice Maker produces 8-cubes per batch and is for 25cf - 27cf Models with ice bucket in the freezer door.

Our Price: $69.95
W10757851 Ice Level Optics Board Kit 4389102 AP5956767


Our Price: $99.95
Compatible Fit 4389102 Ice Level Optics Board Kit W10757851

For Models With Vertical Ice Bucket In Freezer Door!

Our Price: $49.95
WP2198633 Whirlpool Ice Optics Flipper AP6006176

For Models With The Vertical Ice Bucket In The Freezer Door.

Our Price: $22.95
W10190935 Ice Maker Module & Motor AP4359694

Used For All Domestic Modular Style Ice Makers!

Our Price: $34.95
WPW10190929 Ice Mold & Heater AP6016625

For Modular Ice Makers that produce 8-cubes per batch.

Our Price: $59.95
WP627985 Ice Maker Thermostat & Clips AP6010137

Used For All Domestic Modular Style Ice Makers.

Our Price: $14.95
W10309400 Flat Plug Wire Harness AP5305349

For Whirlpool Brand Ice Makers That Use This Flat Style Plug.

Our Price: $8.95